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Rejuvenate your smile and oral health.

Root Canal

Dental implants are a great treatment option for those missing a tooth due to injury, decay, or a congenital condition. Implants give patients an improved ability to chew, improve one’s oral health, and support one’s general well-being.


Implants are shaped like a “screw” and replace the tooth’s root in the bone. The implant is made of titanium which is the same material used for hip and knee replacements. Once the bone heals around the implant a new crown is attached. This becomes a permanent replacement for the missing tooth and looks and feels like a natural tooth.


At Southdale Dental Associates, we help make the dental implant process as easy as possible for our patients. Here are the general steps for dental implants:


  • We start with an initial consultation where you and your dentist will discuss if implants are right for you. We then develop a plan for your implant surgery. We’ll also take x-rays and 3D images during this appointment. Some patients will not have enough bone in the site of the implant and will require a bone graft before the implant is placed. 

  • Next, the dentist will place the implant in your jawbone where the teeth were missing. Healing time depends on where your dental implant is placed, but it usually takes 3-6 months for the bone to completely form around the implant.

  • Once your implant is secure in the jaw and the gums have healed, your dentist will take impressions for the final crown and a small connector, called the abutment. This connects the crown to the implant.

  • Finally, once the lab has finished with your new, custom crown, your dentist will place it over the abutment and screw it into place.


You may be a candidate for dental implants if you are in good health, have adequate bone in your jaw to support your implant, have healthy gum tissue, and are free of periodontal disease. 


If you think you may need a dental implant, please reach out to your dentist at Southdale Dental Associates to schedule an appointment.

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